The Purpose For Which Such Corporation Is Formed

  1. To conduct, embark, engage and preach the Gospel throughout the world (Matthew 28:20) using all facets of media as channel for the realization of this endeavor, leading to the move of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives, and this includes teaching, preaching, deeper prayer lifc, exercise of the spiritual giits, partaking of the Lord's table and fellowship with other Christian communities.
  2. To embark, conduct, engage in the teachings and directions of our Lord Jesus Christ, the various elements of the Interdenominational Charismatic Renewal and other Christian literature through the formation and organization of prayer and fellowship meetings, bible studies, seminars for all its members and for others and to conduct and promote healthy knowledge and understanding of the Christian Faith; appertaining, thereto, we do believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth and His only Son our Lord who was conceived born of the Virgin Mary and in furtherance thereof, we believe in the various parts of the body of Christ, and as members, there needs to flow the ministries so that we can grow up together to that glorious Church (Eph. 4:11) and further believe in complete submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the Bible as the inspired Word of God, (2 Timothy 3:16).

What Comfi Member Should Know And Understand

  1. Must understand that he is a sinner before God, lost, naked and blind.
  2. Must admit that he cannot change the situation in any way.
  3. Must recognize that the Lord Jesus is the only way.
  4. His Cross is to do the will of God - identified with Jesus on His death and resurrection.
  5. It is an all-out commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ that brings a life of Peace, Joy and Righteousness.
  6. It is a blood, sweat and tears experience.
  7. Denial of self - not only self denial.
  8. Fervent love for all who belong to Christ. (John 13:35; 1Cor. 13:4-7)
  9. Continuous abiding ni His Words. (John 8:31; Luke 9:62)
  10. Constant unquestioning obedience.
  11. Forsaking all to follow Him, not holding funds or anything that will hinder Christ's works.

Statement of Faith

The STATEMENT OF FAITH of this Foundation shall be the basic TRUTH OF CHRISTIANITY including:

  1. WE BELIEVE that the HOLY BIBLE is his inspired, infallible and authorative WORD OF GOD.
  2. WE BELIEVE that there is ONE GOD eternally existent in three persons:
    Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  3. WE BELIEVE that man was created in the image of GOD, but as a result of sin, is lost and powerless to save himself.
  4. WE BELIEVE that the only hope for man is to believe in JESUS CHRIST who died to take upon Himself the punishment for the sin of mankind and who rose from the dead so that by receiving Him as SAVIOUR and LORD, man is redeemed hy His Blood.
  5. WE BELIEVE that the Holy Spirit dwells to those who received Christ, for the purpose of enabling them to live righteous and godly lives.
  6. WE BELIEVE that JESUS CHRIST in person will return to earth in power and glory.
  7. WE BELIEVE that the church is the BODY OF CHRIST and is composed of all those who through belief in Christ have been spiritually regenerated by the indwelling Holy Spirit. The mission of the church is worldwide evangelization on the one hand and the nurture and discipline of Christians on the other.

Comfi Vision

We are a Christian community committed to impart the Way to attain the final end of man - loving and knowing God more entirey, serving Him more devotedly and thus, striving more earnestly to secure the eternal happiness of Heaven.


To receive and transmit the Christian faith to faithful men who in turn will teach others also.

2Timothy 2:2 "Take the teachings that you heard me proclaim in the presence of many witnesses, and entrust thern to reliable people, who will be able to teach others also."


To consistently witness to the living power of the Christian Gospel and to testify that all its promises are true.

To substantially contribute to the spiritual and moral growth of our country by serving as an influence for good in our society.

To be faithful and trustworthy men and women of Christ and the Gospel who will yield neither to persecution or error.

To intensify Christian maturity among members of the Community by ongoing Christian education.

To minister Peace, Love, Joy and Reconciliation through sacrificial giving of oneself by having the same thoughts, sharing the same love and being one in soul and mind.

To give all the glory and honor to God, the Father through our LORD JESUS CHRIST, from whom all help comes - whatever we DO, THINK, and SAY.


To understand and not to judge.
Patience to seek and save the lost.
To love unconditionally.
Passion for God is passion for His Word.
Unity to succeed in the ministry.
Loyalty to Christ and to the Community at all cost.